Thursday, January 15, 2009

We are here.... at last

Well some of you may be wondering why you haven't heard from us yet.... well that's because we have only just arrived. I just calculated that it took me about 40 hours door-to-door. Bloody Hell Uganda is a long way away from home. I'm not sure why Katrina couldn't have picked a developing region closer to home... like New Zealand or Tassie!!!!

I met up with most of the team in Dubai... they were looking a little worse for wear.... I managed to grab a few zzz's in Dubai at a very dodgy hotel.... however sheets were clean and it did the trick.

We flew to Kampala via Ethiopia which was a fascinating country from the air.... Definitely looks like it is worth a trip back for.

, we met up with Anna at the airport and got a fork lift to help load all of our luggage into the God mobile.... We met our driver (Moses) and guide (Yossam), and they took us on a fascinating drive from Entebbe airport to Kampala..... absolutely amazing sights and sounds.

After checking in to our rooms we met the Watoto team for a briefing. The Watoto team are very friendly and proceeded to run through an orientation with military precision. The photo on the left is of Robert the Leader of Construction (known as Bob the Builder). He went through the plans with us and showed us which classrooms we are building... He made it pretty clear that this was going to be very tough and very exhausting work.... and this wasn't going to be a bludge trip.

We then went through some of the cultural do's and don'ts.... the one that has most of us worried reads as follows...

ALCOHOL - in Uganda, it is not acceptable for Christians to consume alcohol. As a courtesy to your hosts please abstain during your visit.
Some of my fellow team members have gone down to the bar to discuss this issue over a pint or two.

Bus leaves for the building site tomorrow @ 7AM sharp.... we work non-stop until lunch time which is at 1PM and then keep working until 4PM (boy I wish Aussie bricklayers worked this long).

Off for dinner now to try and sample some local cuisine.

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